It all started in March 1983. At that time I played guitar in a local band, named Medley Combo, still using my old Hofner (175) with 3 P.U.s and tremelo. I have bought this guitar in 1963 and have used it frequently over the past years.  At that time a new guitarist joined the band, he played a 1965 Burns Bison guitar. This was the first time in my life I saw a Burns guitar. This guitar was in terrible and poor condition but the sound was really breathtaking ! And it blew me completely away ! This was the sound that I was looking for from the beginning!! Unfortunately this Burns Bison guitar was not for sale, but I really wanted to have one for my own. Thats how the whole search began. The first Burns guitar that I came across was a Jazz split sound guitar. But it took some years before I was able to buy a Burns Bison guitar. Before I even know it I had already a small collection. Through the years I have had the pleasure of playing almost every Burns model made in the Sixties. Seeing the fact that I also did repair jobs I have learned a lot about the technical details of all these guitars. It gives great pleasure to bring these old Burns-guitars back in original and good condition. (Sometimes this was a hell of a job!!!) .   But the most pleasure is to play them!! , especially after a successful renovation !!  I still love that sound!!                                              

Im still interested in everything concerning BURNS and BALDWIN (from the Sixties!!). Its a great pity that it becomes harder and harder to find original guitars, parts, amps , combos , leaflets (even copies !!) , etc ,. at least for reasonable prices !!!!!

Some of the guitars, on my COLLECTION-list , are for sale , swap , P/X . See: sales-list!!

I also have a very limited, stock of BURNS/BALDWIN-PARTS for sale. If you are looking for something special ??
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I hope you will like my collection ?!I do  !!

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